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Coffee tables crafted in famous images


Art and coffee has always held the perfect relationship. For lovers of art everywhere, there are few better ways to spend an afternoon, than to roam around a new art gallery, admiring the works of talented artists everywhere, before heading off to a café or coffee house somewhere, and critiquing the art they have seen. Many cafes have a selection of art themselves, and an art gallery and a café are not necessarily mutually exclusive from one another any longer.


Some of the more ardent (and arguably, richer!) viewers of art may decide to take some of the paintings home with them, allowing them to admire their beauty in the comfort of their own homes. Having done so, they may wonder how they can re-create their home to look more like an art gallery, in addition to simply having paintings. One way in which you can merge the two, and display your love for famous art, is by purchasing one of our coffee tables which have been carefully manufactured to include one of the most famous works of art ever known.


liquidgroovemojo.com manufacture high-quality coffee tables, using either Alder wood, or Cherry wood. Where we differ from standard coffee tables, is our unique designs which are based around some of the most famous works of art in history. At present, we have a selection of 100 coffee tables – each containing a famous image within the table. What our customers love about the tables we design, is the attention to detail, and the fact that despite years of use, the art that provides the central focus for the table remains in perfect condition. Here are some of our top sellers:


The Mona Lisa


We had to start with what is arguably the most famous piece of art ever produced! Even if you are not a dedicated follower of art, it is still highly likely that you will have heard of the Mona Lisa, and be able to recognise her image when you come across it. The Mona Lisa is not our best-selling table, but is easily the one that receives the most hits online. Sitting down to enjoy a coffee whilst staring at the Mona Lisa’s image will make you feel as though you are viewing her portrait within the Louvre itself!


The Scream


As you might imagine, having such a piece of art within a contemporary living room generates a few interesting discussions! Remarkably, this is our best-selling coffee table to date, enormously popular with customers who enjoy surprising their guests after revealing such a startling image! The Scream is one our favourites to design for customers as we enjoy producing the range of colour and facial image that has become so iconic since it was painted. If you are choosing to buy this coffee table, some of the best-known reactions we have received are from people who do not know what the image is, until it is revealed under dark, haunting conditions. Be prepared to scare your guests, but be careful that you do not scare them too much…


Water Lilies


What we love about Monet’s ‘water lillies’ (and most of his other work), is the way in which his paintings unravel the more you look at them. One glimpse at his painting reveals water lilies. Upon closer inspection, you will notice the way in which the light reflects off the pond. And so on, and so forth. Monet’s paintings provide an interesting talking point during any social event, and having one of his most famous images on your coffee table is the perfect way to capture the interest of your guests.


Coming from the mill


Hate him or love him, LS Lowry is one of the most talked about British artists in history. Is his art good, or isn’t it? Regardless of how you feel about his work, ‘Coming from the mill’ cleverly depicts a snapshot of working-class Britain (more specifically Manchester) within the first half of the 20th century. Having such an iconic piece of art in your lounge will certainly generate some interesting debates about his work. Here at liquidgroovemojo.com, we love the way in which he created real-life situations, and believe many of his faceless characters represent a population of Britain which had their identities removed by industrialisation and capitalism. That’s only our opinion, however…


The persistence of memory


Another of our better sellers, Dali’s ‘The persistence of memory’ recreates one of his most famous pieces of work. The random placement of clocks and other items around the picture provide interesting talking points for guests over coffee. This is another piece of art that we love re-creating through the coffee tables we design: the mixture of colours and shapes provide a beautiful piece of work. We think that the painting discusses how time is placed on hold when relaxing in a sunny spot; a similar experience to when you sit and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee, perhaps.


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