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About Us


liquidgroovemojo.com have been part of the furniture art industry for over 10 years, and enjoy merging our passion for art with a practical solution for coffee drinkers all over the world. Our team includes a range of artists, carpenters and art critiques who are constantly scouting the country for new talent. Although our portfolio only consists of 100 works of art to date, we hope to be able to triple that number by the end of 2017.


We love to hear stories from our customers; after all it is you who we get up in the morning for! We have heard many interesting stories from people who have surprised friends and loved ones with coffee tables that you have purchased from us, and we would love to hear more. If you have an interesting tale to tell us, please contact us. Furthermore, if you know of a specific art that you would like us to re-produce (even if the art is one that you have designed yourself), we welcome any suggestions that you might have.


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